Sunday, February 12, 2012

140 is Free

I've decided to put '140' online for free. So it's free to watch, share and download. I feel like this is in keeping with the spirit of the film, and something I probably should have done earlier. It's a film about sharing. Everyone who was involved shared a little piece of their world with the rest of the world. I don't want to keep that to myself now that the festival run is over. I'd rather people see the film, then it sit unseen on my computer!

I think when this film began, back in 2009 (wow!) I was just discovering Twitter and the internet was, still is, evolving. I hadn't quite seen the power of sharing yet. And now with the SOPA debate ragging worldwide I've been reading, listening to, looking at a lot of opinions on this argument. The general consesious among artists seems to be to just get it out there. Don't be precious. Share. And only good will come.

So, I've decided to stop being old school about it and put it up. So here it is 140 Filmmakers 140 Locations 140 Seconds - 140. RT. Share. Repost. Share. Enjoy!

The Screen Directors Guild of Ireland have put the film up on their youtube channel too:

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