Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Coming Around The Corner.

OK, use DSLRs if you want! I have to admit, I wrote that at 2am, feeling somewhat grumpy because I kept having to go back to files that would convert and render them in the timeline, which was taking forever! I'm an advocate for making films however you can. So if you're going out to make your first film, or just another film and you don't have much money, use what you can. DSLRs give you a good look for very little money. So why not. It kind of contradicts the blog post previous to tell you not to use them... so here i am contradicting myself again! But hey, I'm only human!

I'm working away on the Derelict edit still, a couple of small problems have delayed me and really made me think more about getting a real editor on board. I figured I would do it myself, at least at the beginning, just because it was cheap, I could work on it in my own (of which I have very little of I'm finding out) and also the fact I have no money left and probably no more coming at this point. Also, I've cut all my own films up until now (except for Emily's Song). But this is a feature film, it's different, it needs something more and another, professional, eye. So as I continue to work on it, I've started looking into that.

I'm trying to get another project up and running at the same time, have been for a couple of months now. Bigger project than this, but still some work to do before I can talk about it. So probably pointless even mentioning it, except to show that even when one project is being finished the next one is always coming around the corner. I think it's important to be thinking of what's next and letting it simmer on the back burner, ready to move onto the boil. Anyway, hopefully I can talk about it soon. If it comes together it'll be a good one.

Meantime, back tot he edit. You've seen the new poster below, I quite like it. Hopefully there'll be a trailer of some sort up in the next few weeks too. There's enough up to cut one, but it's getting to it!

More soon.

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