Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rehearsals: Day 3

It's almost mid-night, I should be asleep, considering I didn't sleep very well at all last night (bad tummy, and anxiety dreams) and today was long, productive, yet tiring day at rehearsal, but, there's a 21 month old running around my ankles. Someone decided she didn't want to go to sleep tonight. After two hours of tantrum we finally gave in and and our lovely little daughter in happily running around singing and laughing... she won this battle!

Elaine Reddy, Steve Gunn, Me, Patrick O'Donnell in The Factory
 Today was a good day. We blocked a good portion of the script, up page 40, so over half. Tomorrow we'll do the same. It got a little tough in the afternoon.

Discussing a scene
My energy was completely depleted. I could feel that the ideas weren't coming and because the rehearsal schedule has really been thrown out the window at this stage and we're just doing everything we can, when we can, I was finding it hard to focus on what exactly to do with half the cast not there. Sleep deprivation is not conducive to the creative environment... or anything really.

Steve captures the moment

But we got through it and found a pace again. With it we got through several important scenes, so I was happy enough with that. Hopefully tomorrow we'll have all the crew there and can run through the entire script, start to finish and start figuring out the movements. 

It's such a technical piece, I'm so glad I blocked off this week for rehearsal, we would have been up shit creek on set with all we have to do in 5 days! But I know, even with all this prep, it's still going to be intense on set, and I'm sure, like every other film I've done, a hell of a lot more than I'm anticipating... it's this blind optimism keeps us coming back, after the pain of the broken arm has faded we still go back and climb the tree.

OK, more tomorrow. Hopefully. I probably would have missed this one if little miss wakey wakes had decided to be little miss sleepy sleeps instead!

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