Monday, February 14, 2011

The Breaks.

I had hoped to counter the last moany post with something a bit more positive this time, but alas, that was not to be. With only 6 weeks to go I've decided to postpone the Derelict shoot by several months. It's frustrating and a little disheartening but in my view necessary. Too many things haven't come together to risk pushing ahead and falling at the final hurdle. I'd rather stop now and move the race dates!

At the moment the script has yet to be finished, equipment needs to be sourced and paid for. I still don't have a location or the key crew and of course - there's no money. It occurred to me that when I was shooting 'Slán agus Beannacht', it took me 6 weeks to organise the bloody fundraiser! And that was a short! I'm talking about doing a feature from scratch in 6 weeks! I have the cast, yes. By by the time I started the run down to the fundraiser on Slán, let alone the film, I had the script finished, the entire cast and crew, half the budget and all the locations (of which there were about 10, not just 1!). When I remembered that I made up my mind fairly quickly after much back and forth.

I want the film to be good. I'd like it to do well and for everyone involved to be proud of it. I'd like it to get into festivals, be well received, sell and be distributed. I want people to see this film, enjoy it and not feel like they're watching some inferior work that could have been done so much better. I fear if I kept going the way I am now that's how it would end up. I would just let myself down and everyone else involved. I don't want that, especially when I know that just a bit more time is all that's needed to get it right.

Sucks! But them's the breaks I guess. My energy is still high. I'm still excited about the script, the project and working with the actors and everyone else involved so far. I still believe it's going to be a unique film. This is just a set back. I still hope to have the film shot, cut and heading out the door by the end of this year.

Meantime - money, crew where for art thou?

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