Thursday, August 12, 2010

Love in the time of Recession.

(My Dad, and part of the inspiration behind Ghoster)

OK, I'm finally utterly fed-up of not doing anything and faffing around waiting for the next project to magically arrive at my door! So time to change that and the fact is, I already have the perfect project. It's a script called Ghoster, you may have read about it before in these pages.

It's a story I've been wanting to tell for as long as I can remember, since I was a kid working summers with my Dad and my Uncles. I've been thinking about writing this script for more then 10 years and I finally did at the end of 2007. I spent 2008 developing it, which ended in a reading at the attic studio that was a resounding success where everyone really enjoyed it and told me I should make it. That was in January of 2009, and the last time I did anything with it. I still love the story and while the script needs a little work, I think it holds up!

So here it is - I have no cast, no crew, no equipment, no locations and absolutely no money, but I want to make a movie - Who's with me?


It tells the the story of Kevin and Connor, two brothers in their 20s working as painters on a building site with their Dad, Fred, as their boss and their extended family of uncles and cousins as work mates. Kevin feels caged in and ready to explode, he has lost all respect for his father and wants to escape. It's about the complicated male relationships in a family where nothing is talked about... but it's also blokes on a building site, so it's bloody funny as well.

The story takes place over one night a few years ago. Set just as the recession was about to happen and right at the end of the building boom, it's the last job before they break for Christmas and an uncertain future. They have three houses to paint in one night, so they have to pull a Ghoster. If they do it they get a big bonus, something they all need.

But there is more going on. Marco, the oldest of the brothers and the main boss, keeps disappearing. Soon the police come looking for him. The relationship between Kevin and his father Fred reaches breaking point with Connor in the middle. The rest of the crew struggling against tiredness, the cold, slacking workers and disappearing boozey painters to get the houses finished for morning.

So if you want to find out what happens between Kev and his Dad, why the police are looking for Marco and if they finish the job on time maybe you can help see this film realised and have those questions answered up on the big screen!

Shopping list:

A Big Cast of talented actors!

A Brave, tireless, talented crew of hard workers!

A building site location for use over two/three weeks.

FOOD! We have to eat! Any supermarkets or cafes out there who'd like to help please send anything you have our way, we'll eat it!

Equipment: A Camera - Maybe two! Lights. Sound equipment.

And everything else needed to shoot a feature film!!!

I'd like to work with a good cinematographer, someone who understands light and has worked at night before, who's willing to improvise and work fast. This is a drama, set on a building site at night, in the cold with a bunch of lads in dirty clothes, but there's no reason we can't make it visually arresting and beautiful to look at.

The cast is the most important piece of the puzzle. This is an ensemble piece, 15 plus cast members all interacting with one another and playing off one another and all with different relationships. Timing and chemistry are everything. We have to believe this lot are family, and family who love and hate each other at the same time all the time.

The cast is as Follows:
Kevin (26)
Connor (24)
Fred (49)
Captain (52)
Maz (34)
Banjo (33)
Marco (59)
Caper (29)

Skinny (58)
Meehan (59)
Kathy (46)
Alex (female) (28)
Alco (40)

Joe the Carpenter (40)
Cop 1
Cop 2

There will be a casting process and I'm looking for the right people in the right roles. I have some people in mind already, but I'd like to be surprised as well.

I love the characters, the humour and heart that runs through it. I think with some belief, commitment, good will, energy, effort and the right people, we can make a really great piece of work we will all be proud of and will stand up as something special in modern Irish cinema.

Being somewhat realistic I'm aiming for a January/February shoot. I think it'll take that long to gather everyone and everything we need. Perhaps between now and then I can raise some money too!?!?

I'm just looking to create some love and fun in a time of doom and gloom! I can't think of a better film to be made in these times. I want to make people smile and laugh and bring a little light into people's lives'. So again I say - WHO'S WITH ME?!

If you're interested in getting involved by donating time, money, equipment or supplies please contact me, the details to do so are to the right - click 'donate' to make a donation via paypal, click 'Drop me a line' to email me. No time wasters please! Anyone who has worked on a feature film (or any film) before knows what size task and commitment this is and what I'm asking here - ALOT, but it will be worth it. I need people who are fully willing to commit to that task - Whole Heartedly.

My thanks in advance.


Patrick O'Shea said...

Fair play Frank! Just get out there and do it! I wish you the best of luck and if I have any energy left after the Tree Keeper shoot I'll do whatever I can for you!

jayemzc said...

Can gain access/ blag a Pro HD camera.
Some Marantz compact Flash audio recorders - as above.
Bicycle - for ferrying "stuff".
Have been known to actually 'work' - y'know, lifting, moving, building, painting things.
Access to a fairly decent edit suite , as way above.

Frank Kelly said...

Thanks guys! James, I'm sure your lifting abilities will come in most useful! And I'm sure the equipment will come in handy too!

I'm just making a list of everything at the moment, the whose, wheres, whats and hows of it all. Then I'll see where I am and can start organising everything and everyone!