Sunday, August 15, 2010


Well, it's full steam ahead on Ghoster. I've started the usual publisity and fundraising campaigns:

The Facebook Page (please 'Like' and 'Share')
It's GoGoGhoster on IndieGoGo (please donate and share!)
The T-Shirt Shop! on Zazzle (please buy and wear!)
(All the links are also over to the right here ->)

I used Kickstarter for 140, which was great and worked a treat, but I've found with IndieGoGo it offers a bit more freedom. For example, unlike Kickstarter, I don't have to raise every penny to get the money, it's available to me immediately, so it can start help the production straight away. I'll probably let it build up for as long as possible, and as with the 140 money, I'll be completely transparent on how it's spent.

I've but up reward for the donations:
$25 pre-orders a DVD.
€50: DVD and Poster.
$100: DVD, Poster and Prop.
$150: DVD, Poster and T-Shirt.
$250: DVD, Poster, T-Shirt and signed directors shooting script.
$500: DVD, Poster, T-Shirt and a Frame Original One-of-a-kind still, taken on set by the professional stills photographer.
$1000: DVD, Poster, T-Shirt, Frame one-of-a-kind still & 5 more, unframed, limited stills. Everything is signed, poster by all cast and crew.

The money will be spent on everything to do with getting the film made: Equipment rental, expenses, insurance, post production, promotion. Same with any t-shirts sold, all royalties will go directly to the production.

Getting all this up and running has certainly got the fire in my belly stocked again. I think I've mentioned that I've been feeling somewhat uninspired of late and after finished two big projects like I was twisting in the wind a bit. But this has focused my mind and my energy. I hope I can pull it off!

So I'm going to get back to work on the script, get a next draft done and start to gather the people and tools I need. I hope I have enough goodwill left. Sometimes I feel like I've used all my lives on Emily's Song, where everyone worked for free and friends and family donated so much money and energy. Bill, For Short, where again, people worked for free. Slán agus Beannacht, again, cast and crew for free and the generosity of the friends help pay for it and of course, not to mention 140, were filmmakers from all over the world worked for free and friends, family and complete strangers pitched in to help me promote it.

I've been very lucky to have been able to make my films and that so many people have given so generously of their time, energy and belief. I'm awed and humble at the same time and always thankful.

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