Thursday, February 04, 2010

Today's 4cast

Some exciting news today, Channel 4, one the UK's largest Broadcasters, has just acquired Emily's Song for broadcast!!!

This is fantastic news for us, we're thrilled. It came completely out of the blue. Nothing seemed be happening with Emily's Song and we figured it's time was up. But no, there's still life in the old girl!

Channel 4 has always been one of my favourite channels. Although I've had the misfortune in recent years of being in locations where I can't get it for some reason. I was very excited when they launched their youtube channel 4oD and I was able to catch up on many of my favourite shows! Channel 4 do great documentaries and great comedy, and I'm a sucker for Grand Designs!

So we're excited, thrilled, over the moon. I'm not sure when the air date will be, but rest assured as soon as I know I will post it. My thanks to our distributors Network Ireland Television for their tenacity.


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