Friday, February 19, 2010

Limbo dancer.

I'm somewhat in limbo at the moment. Not much going on, 140 is finished and waiting to release it. Just putting press kit together, doing some design for images and poster etc. Hopefully wont be too much longer before the filmmakers can see it and I'm thinking end of April May for release. Hopefully I can give details about the premiere soon.

Meantime I'm not doing too much. I don't really have any projects I'm starting right now. First time in over a year! Feels strange. I'm still working with Thomas on the new script, this draft is going really well. But that's a long term thing, if we get to make it I see it being next year at the closest, maybe even the year after!

I've been playing with an idea using the internet community structure developed with 140 on a new project. This one is a bit more involved and would require a lot more from the filmmakers. I don't know, needs a bit more thought before I decide wether or not to go ahead with it, and start looking for filmmakers again. It may also require some money! Needs some more planning. I think it could be good though. Might be one for the Summer?!

Although I have a couple of short scripts I'm not that keen to start any new short films at the moment. I'm really just waiting to get 140 out and see what that does. I also have Slán agus Beannacht under my belt. I feel bad that I have pushed that out. A lot of people put a lot of work into it and I think deserve to have it seen. I think the film deserves to be seen. I'm proud of it. But it's money. It's tight at the moment and dvds, packages, festival entry fees are just an extravagance I can't afford right now.

Well better sign off, I hear the baby crying! A new chapter has begun, and is calling! More news soon.

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