Saturday, September 19, 2009

Would I rather be in the pub?

No, is the answer! I'm living the dream baby!

3:13am in the very early morning of Sunday the 20th of September. Outside my window the neighbours return from the pubs and clubs, drunk and merry, back to their home to their beds to their waiting wives, husbands and hangovers. I, on the other hand, am tucked up by the warm ambient glow of my Mac and the ever decreasing rendering bar that has become the bane of my existence.

I have 1 hour cut, perhaps a bit more. Still a ways to go. I still about 30 clips yet to tackle. Tomorrow will be full on, no question, and me thinks a day without sleep. I'll be hitting the hay after the current cut renders. Hence this post, killing time, 12 minutes and counting.

Music is coming together. As mentioned Johnny Crean dropped in a couple of tracks during the week. A nice swingin waltz called 'Dublin Blue Sky'. Works well with a couple of clips. Met with Dermot O'Mahony on Friday, the gave me a few tunes, I think I took 2 from the disc he gave me: Glacier and Proximity Flight 1 (which I was able to break into three usable sections - that's value for money!). Both instrumental pieces, all work really well in the segment I found for them. And Eoin McCabe dropped in today with some songs. Eoin's a damn fine singer songwriter and has a lot of nice tracks. I picked two from the disc, 'New Day' and 'It's Not Right', with more to come.

So the music has actually come together quite well, and quite quickly. I was worried about it. But it's worked out really nicely. The tracks certainly pull it all together. And it's really nice to be able to give room to indy artists too, and to friends. People I've known and listened to for years and who've entertained me in local pubs and club, nice to be able to give them a world stage of sorts.

I'm confident it's going to come together to be a really interesting film. I hope everyone involved agrees and I hope it finds an audience.

Well, 12 mintutes are up. Better trim this scene and then off to bed. I'm on the Pets sequence at the moment!

More later.

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