Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Another late one!

1am and still plugging away on 140. It's coming together. I'm happy with it so far. I have about 45 minutes down. It's tricky, no question.

Trying to find clips that match, that can sit side by side has been easy enough. The difficult part has been moving from theme to theme. The power of split-screen has been invoked, be warned! But I think it works, and I think the clips that play on screen at the same time are complemented and indeed enhance by one another.

Music has difficult. I have a temp track of popular songs that works well that will of course be impossible to use, even for non-profit/non-commercial festival us we're still talking €500 a song for one year! It adds up.

I wont have time to put the call out to indy bands before Hatch Fest, but at this stage I'm not worried about that. Hatch will be getting a working version. It's too close to have a finished film ready. The late clips and August ruled that out.

I'll keep cutting after Hatch (so for the late late filmmakers who thought they missed out there's still a chance send send send) and pull in as much on the music side as possible. I'll still have a decent cut for Hatch, it will feature all the clips I have and will be the best editing job I can do with the time I have. Have no fear there! But I wont consider this screening the world premiere, it's a preview of a work in progress. What I want to do for the premiere is something altogether more exciting and ambitious.

140 premieres around the world on the same day!

Yup, you heard me (read me!). As promised I'll send everyone involve a disc. That disc will be you master, so I suggest making an instant copy, putting it on your hard drive and then keeping it in a safe place... because I wont be sending replacements, I'll tell you that now! - Then I'll set a date that works for everyone and on that day I want you, the filmmaker, to organise your own screening in your hometown.

It can be as big or as small as you want it to be. You can have a party, do it in a club with guests. In a local theatre, roll out the red carpet, invite the local press. Or screen it at home with your family and/or friends. 140 premieres for 140. We'll make it a world event!

But that's all in the future (the not too distant future) first I have to finish the cut! So I better get back to work. More soon.

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