Sunday, July 19, 2009

Reassessing Realigning

Another busy week. Not much to do with film however, mostly sorting out my life and finances. This recession has hit everyone hard, so I'm not going to go on about my wows here, it's not the place. Meet down the pub for a few pints and I'll happily tell you all!!!

As you know I had just finished writing a short script called Angelina for the Irish Film Board's Signatures short film fund, for a production package of up to €90,000 - not too shabby. Unfortunately it didn't pan out and we missed the deadline. It was for the best, I think an application at this stage, with what we had, may have hurt us rather then been of any benefit.

Admittedly I was disappointed and frustrated, having written the script specifically for the application and then lost out on my chance for this years round. But having had the weekend to rest on it I figured it's for the best. The script needs more work, the film needs a lot of thought and design and if the recent cuts suggested by an Bord Snip go ahead, there may not even be a film board by next year!

Hurray for the Irish government, "we're low on cash, lets cut the arts, not just down - but out completely! And jobs and education and healthcare and anything worthwhile so we'll have a nation of unemployed, unhealthy idiots without care, inspiration, entertainment and reason or ability to acquire any of it."

The bow of the ship has just hit an iceberg and we're sinking, the people are running for the life-boats, those who can't reach them are drowning, meantime - the politicians admire the view from the stern, oblivious.


It gives me some much needed time to concentrate on the projects at hand: Slán agus Beannacht, which I will now finish, starting tomorrow. 140 of course and the finishing of the script Night, which starts in the morning. And after those I can see where I stand. But I'm not taking on anything new until they're done.

I sent out a batch of emails today to those who haven't sent in their clips for 140 yet, thanks to everyone who emailed me back today, I look forward to seeing your clips. I understand lives and jobs have been a distraction, as lives and jobs often are, but hopefully remaining can find the time to email me or drop their disc in the mailbox!

So far the standard has been really high, and even though almost every package has come with an apology and excuses as to why it didn't quite turn out they way they wanted, I haven't noticed anything bad, they're great, and when you see 70 clips one after the other in context of the film and as diverse as the all are, you'd be like me and not have any doubts! It's going to be a great project and I think it would be a shame for anyone to miss out. It's gonna come together, and it's gonna be good. So stop doubting and get sending :)

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