Monday, July 13, 2009

More Arrivals and a Busy Week Ahead!

Another Monday delivery, you can't tell from this clip but I was suffering from a slight bout of food poisoning today, feeling very ill most of the day. Had to walk out on my dentist appointment this morning... but that's neither here nor there! Having four new packages arrive this morning cheered me up no end! Thanks Ariane, Andrew, Michael and Natasha! Awesome! I will red you on the faq page once this video uploads!

An interesting week ahead, I have an interview on Wednesday for a new documentary about the Irish film industry, which I don't think I'm allowed mention too much about, so I'll just say that... God knows why they want to talk to me?! May everyone else wanted paying?! - I'm just happy to get on the telly!

I have also started recording podcasts for The Bubble, which is cool. Nothing up yet, but they've asked me to do a weekly update about 140, a kind of 'Making of', so that's really cool! Fills the void left by the absence of the Pale Stone Podcast, which I lost out on when my provider went out of business! Hopefully I'll be able to resurrect it someday!

I also got a provisional date for the Bill, For Short Nationwide broadcast on RTE, which is exciting, but I wont tell you until they confirm, but it's not far off! I'm very excited... I wonder which way is Michael Ryan going to look when my piece is over, from the left or from the right... I'm taking bets now! - I'm going left, his left!

While I mention Bill and the Nationwide thing, I should also mention that part of the Old Shoes and Broken Walls collection is currently hanging and for sale at Boyne Books, in Callan Art on Narrow West St. in Drogheda. Mark, the owner, is also planning a full exhibition, with a re-screening of Bill, For Short - for anyone who missed it the first time round, in August. I will post dates here.

I finally sent off the first three chapters of The Cats of the Crescent. I'm happy with them, so hopefully they'll spark some interest. But I'm not too worried if they don't yet, there's plenty of publishers out there - and besides, I still need to finish the book!

Work on Angelina progresses, the signatures deadline is this Friday, which came as something of shock to me last week when I heard. For some reason I got it into my head that in was the 27th! I don't know why. So now I'm scrambling to get synopses, treatments, directors notes and what have you organised for Friday... talk about cutting it close, I have a gift for doing important things at the last minute!

Anyway, best be off. Much to do.

Keep those 140 clips coming guys! Can't start the edit until I get them all... Actually, take as long as you want! ;) No, not really - send send send!!!

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