Monday, June 29, 2009

A Couple of Days Off

I had a much needed break the last few days. After the mammoth task of organising 140, sending out emails and notices and replying to as many questions as quickly as possible I found I was often chained to my computer hours on end and well into the night! The ol' back suffered! A new chair is most definitely needed for the edit!!!

This mornings deliveries, now the postman is starting to get unhappy!

So, once Sunday was over with I decided to take it easy while waiting for the clips to come in, and catch up on some much needed physical labour! I'd been promising my wife I'd finish a paint job I started a year ago on the hall, stairs and landing! So that was my week. It was fine though, took my mind off things, one can get a bit overwhelmed with the internet! It's nice to get away from it (he says as he writes a new blog!)

Happy wife with newly decorated Hall and baby in belly!


At the moment I have 27 clips in. They look great. I'm really happy with the standard. There are a few themes emerging already, which I thought might happen. It's great, already gives me options for the cut. But I wont make any decisions yet, I still have over 100 clips to come in after all!


I'm hoping work can begin again on Slán agus Beannacht (Goodbye and Blessings), which was sadly abandoned when 140 picked up. But I started the grade and was happy with the look of it, so I'm looking forward to getting back to work soon. Some sound effects, a bit of music and I'm done. Hopefully I can release it in the next month or two and hit the festivals.


I'm trying to get to my new script too, Angelina, which was also delayed, but I'll be able to start it again this week and I'm confident, finish it this week and get off to a waiting producer! (It's coming Dave, I promise!!!) I love the story, it's quirky, romantic and fun.

Set in Paris, it's about a young couple trying to save their relationship without much success, until something magical happens. It's an idea I came up with in Paris while on my honeymoon. My wife said "No business! No Blackberry! No scripts!!!" - fair enough I thought, it'll be nice to have a break. Day two, we're in a restaurant and this idea walks fully-formed into my brain, it took every ounce of will power I could muster not to ask the waiter for a pen and start writing on napkins!


Tomorrow I'm meeting Thomas again, we've managed to carve out some time to work on Night, which has been great. it's going really well. We've addressed alot of issues from the first draft and injected some soul into the piece. Hopefully we can get some important work done in the next two days. Then we have another break and hopefully after that we can get back to it and finish it. There are plenty of people waiting to see it.

I really like this one. I think it's probably the best thing I've ever written - that might not be saying much though! ;) But writing this I felt like everything I've learned about screenwriting over the years has finally come into play, I was able to draw on a store of skills and experience. It's a solid piece. It's the kind of film I'd be excited to see in theaters, and probably buy on DVD as soon as it came out... before waiting for the sales! - Provided there were plenty of extras of course!!! Better have a word with the director.

Taking stock

At the half way mark of 2009 I can look back and say it's been a great year so far, kicking off with a reading of my feature script Ghoster, the premiere of Bill, For Short coupled with my first photographic exhibition Old Shoes and Broken Walls, which was picked up by RTEs Nationwide (yet to be aired.) Then the idea for 140 came along, but before any of that happened I had the shoot for Slán agus Beannacht, which was great. Then came 140, we all know what happened there! And somehow, amid all of that I've managed to write a lot, Angelina, Night and Adam with Caroline Farrell... though you would guess it from all the blogging, emailing and twittering I've been doing - but it's like that old saying - "You want something done, ask a busy man."

For the rest of the year I'm looking forward to finishing Slán agus Beannacht and getting it out there, editing 140, shooting Adam and finishing scripts Night and Angelina - oh yeah, and becoming a father! Small detail! So it should be a busy time ahead. Better get on with it then...

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