Friday, June 26, 2009

Clips still coming in

There's been a steady flow of clips this week, not enough to make the post man mad yet, but enough to keep me smiling each morning! 20 clips so far. To see who has been quick on the draw go to the FAQ page and check the list of names, those in red have been received. Thanks guys.

And as for the rest of you, get a move on... I'm just kidding!!! ;) I'm looking forward to getting your clips in due course. When I have all 140 the edit can begin. So the sooner the better!

Many people have emailed their clips, which is acceptable, there are many ways of doing this, one option is via email - check Snail-mail is still good!

Still really happy with the standard, and there's loads to work with. Interesting to see certain themes coming through already... but I'm not telling what! You'll just have to wait and see!!!

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