Wednesday, December 10, 2008

More At Stake

Things move ever onward, to the grave... bit morbid! I have a flu, so feeling slightly under the weather and aching a bit. Waves of coldness, hotness and some shaking!

But otherwise life is good. Rewriting is going well on S&B. I decided I needed to have more at stake for the lead character, not just the loss of his job and way of life, but his life itself. It still needs work. It's moving in the right direction, but still needs a push. It's interesting how when writing you can be so locked into one idea and everything seems to work based on that, and then you change it and everything changes, it becomes something different. It's a fluid thing.

Still no dates set. Still no money and no one cast. But that's OK, we'll get there.

No movement on Night I'm sorry to say. As I mentioned before we had hoped to have the new draft finished by Christmas and in the hands of potential participants, but it's looking like that's not going to happen. We just can get it together. There's so much else to do. But we'll see, Never say never.

I have just recorded the next Podcast, so hopefully that will be up in the next day or two. Again, it'll be in three parts. It's just me talking, about Emily's Song and Bill, For Short... as if you hadn't heard enough about them! I must get of me arse and make another film! Well I'm a getting, believe me, I'm a gettin! (Flu, remember!)

I attended a screening of both those films on Monday night in Toast, Rathmines, Dublin, with the Crewger crowd, which was good. Nice to meet the fine folk who've been posting my podcast on there site. They have a great thing going and a good vision for independent filmmaking in Ireland. They have and are creating what will be an invaluable resource for young, old and new filmmakers and a given them a stage to show their work. It's gonna be big.

I've also recently been hang out with South African filmmaker Mark Lebenon, writer of Dead Easy and writer/director of Slam Bang. A great guy with a passion for film, always nice to meet one of those! I think I've been getting him in trouble with his wife though! We get carried away talking about movies and drinking and the hours tick by oh so fast!!! Sorry Mrs. Lebenon! :)

Well, the shakes have returned, so me thinks it's time to have 2 Lemsip, 4 Night Nurse and 9 Uni Flu and sit by the fire whimpering for a while. 

Be talkin to yous!

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