Thursday, December 11, 2008

Kill your babies

Busy day today, even in my weakened state! Had a meeting this morning in the Droichead Art Centre about my up coming exhibition, it looks like I'm going to be doing two workshops with pupils from local schools too, which is cool. 

I have to structure a day of activity taking in photography and filmmaking. I've never done a workshop before but I think I should be fine and it should be fun. I plan to take the class and shoot for a hour or so, make a documentary of sorts, mainly try to show them the process of making a film, but try to give them something they can be proud of. 

During the shooting I'll have people taking photos, pretty much of whatever they want, but try to teach them to push the angles and look for things out of the ordinary. 

In the afternoon then I'll give them a tutorial on photoshop with the images they have taken and a tutorial on editing with the footage we shoot. Hopefully we'll get through it in one piece! Probably not, but so long as it's fun and someone learns something!

I've also been writing today, did another draft of S&B. I think it's tighter. I took out a scene I really liked, it was hard to do it. I had a dream actually of how to make the script work a bit better and it included taking this scene out, I struggled with it for a couple of days and today it finally went - but it seems to have worked it makes the whole thing work and flow better, kill your babies as they say! 

We'll see though, I'm in no mental state to be making coherent decisions at the moment! Still foggy with this cold. Doctor says it should shift in a day of two, hope so, mucus was never my strong point!

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