Saturday, March 03, 2007

Secrets, Lies and Cycle Racing

Thomas and I have finished the revised Second Draft of "The Race." This will be the draft we start production on. So from monday on it gets sent out, to agents, producers and financiers. We're really happy with it at the moment. It's taken four months to get it from the first draft to this stage. THe first draft was blasted out in a month at 250 pages. That version contained ever idea, ever thought, included all the bad ones. So it was a question of trying to sculpt something from this shapeless pile of clay!
So we've gotten this draft down to a tidy 111 pages, which has nice symmetry for me. Seeing as my family home address is 111 and my birthday is the 11th of this month. It also makes it a good size for a feature.
So perhaps I should tell what it's about then...

It tells the story of Mike McGregor, a forty-three year-old forgotten Australian cycling champion, who, twenty years ago was almost killed after a horrific crash that ended his career.
Now he lives in Ireland with his wife and two teenage sons. He works on a building site and goes fishing every weekend with his brother-in-law. At least, that's what he tells his wife. Really, he takes his two sons racing.
This is a film about one man and the lies he has told to his wife, his family and himself for nearly twenty years. It is about what happens when the truth finally comes out and he decides to make a comeback and ride The Rás, an eight day race around Ireland.

It's a film about famliy, about lies and secrets and about racing.

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