Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Charming and Delightful

It's been a busy an and exciting week thus far. Emily's Song has been accepted into two more festivals this week, the Leeds Young People's Film Festival, happening at the end of March and the Little Big Shots International Children's Film Festival in Australia. We're excited about both of them.
Little Big Shot is great because after the main event in April, which takes place in Melbourne it travels all over Australia, New Zealand and Singapore and takes in such venues as the Sydney Opera House. How cool is that?!
It's actually quite special for me, apart from the fact that our little film could be screening in one of the most famous buildings in the world, Sydney is also the place I decided that I was going to commit to making films fulltime.
I had just finished four years of studying animation and was slightly conflicted about what road I wanted to take. While in Oz I made the decision that I was going to go back to my first love, which was film and pursue it from then on. I worte my first script "Blood. Dirt. Money" which was awful, but it lead me to meet Thomas and the first script we wrote together was Emily's Song.
So it would be quite something to return to Sydney with it and let that beautiful city know that I made it.
We also feature in this months Moving Pictures Magazine, which is a Los Angeles publication, as one of it's top 5 short films. The magazine said "...Moving Pictures identifies five of the best. They have left us Supreme Entertained and Profoundly Informed." So that was nice of them! thank you Moving Pictures.

I got to hang out with Amy Berg on Saturday. Her film "Deliver Us From Evil" was screening at the Dublin International Film Festival. It's a very moving and powerful documentary and quite frightening aswell. It tells the story of the victims of the Peaophile priest Oliver O'Grady, who molested over one hundred children during his time in parishes in California. It also tells of the cover up and the refusal of the catholic church to truely acknowledge what is going on within it's own walls. It's well worth checking out. I think it's going on limited release next month and is also up for an Oscar for best Documentary at the end of this month.
Amy herself is a very charming and delightful person. I'm hoping we will meet again on my next trip to LA. Good luck at the Oscars Amy! Kick Al Gore's butt!

In other news, I'm editing a script at the moment for a horror that's shooting at the end of March in Utah (USA). Directed by Ryan Little. It's a fun ride and should make for an entertaining friday night scare fest! Can't tell you anymore then that at the moment. But some of the stars of the american TV show, The OC are going to be in it, so it may do some business. I'll keep you posted on what happens! That's all for now.

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