Monday, February 05, 2007

On My Desk

On My Desk: Scripts, "The Wolf of Nevermore", "The Perfect Word", "Bad Moon" and "The Race". There's a few note books, I usually have a couple for each project, depending on how many I get through. I've started using Moleskin note books, which I like. They're expesive, but there's something about them that makes using them a pleasure. Nice size, nice paper, they're black and they have that elastic band that holds them together so you feel like Indiana Jones everytime you finish writing something.
I'm also reading Peter Jackson's Bio by Brian Sibley, which is very interesting and enjoyable. I'm a huge Jackson fan, I love all of his movies (Apart from Kong I have to say!) But everything else is just breathtaking to me. It's slightly uncanny how his childhood resembles my own, many of the stories are very similar... things like dragging unwitting friends off into the woods for a weekend to make a movie! I've been there! Now I just have to make a bunch of amazing films before I'm 46! Easy!
And of course my trusty Mac, what would I do without it. I'd also recomend to any writer to have a window close by! We get little enough sunlight as it is and it's always nice to be reminded that there is in fact a real world out there!!!


xiaorui520 said...

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Brian Sibley said...

Thank you for the mention... I'm glad you enjoyed my book on Peter Jackson - there were times when it felt as if trying to get it finished, in print and in the shops was an undertaking akin to the quest of the Ring! So I'm delighted to read that anyone's actually READ it --and LIKED it!! :-)