Friday, February 09, 2007

Just an Idea, Still a Dream

I had an idea to set up a production company. I all ready have one, Emily's Song was produced under the name Pale Stone Productions, which is the name that goes over anything I do with Thomas, my co-writer, it's not really a production company, it's just what we call ourselves.
Recently I have been wanting to spread my wings and explore new avenues of creativity. I have a lot of ideas and thoughts that are very much seperate from what I am doing with Thomas. Emily's Song is very much a family orientated film, and 'The Race' is a family sports drama. When I'm on my own I tend to lean toward fantasty, horror and adventure. They were the kind of movies I loved as a kid growing up. Back to the Future being my favourite movie of all time.
My own two feature scripts are horror films. And I have two new ideas for fantasy based adventure stories. One is called "The Dreaming Tree" and the other "The Adventures of Sir William Wren and Alan Blessington", they both tie in to each other. 'Adventures' is the first and 'Dreaming Tree' is a far away sequeal.
My own shorts are comedic fantasy pieces with creatures and monsters and talking animals, very much along the same lines as Jim henson's Storyteller.
I'm not sure how I'm going to go about doing it. I need people, I need help and of course I need money!
It's just an idea at the moment. But it's something I want to make a reality. My dream is to have my own studio. To have a creative working environment that is building these wolrds and fashioning these creatures and stories into existense. I want to go to work everyday and walk into a workshop that smells of glue and rubber and sawn wood and see amazing landscapes being essembled and monsters standing ten feet tall in the corner.
Then file into the production offices where the walls are adorned with concept art of the latest project and artists are drawing to their hearts content at their desks and computers. And then I go to my office to work on the script, storyboards, music, photgraphy and find calls waiting from Spielberg, Lucas and Jackson all wondering who things are going.
It's just an idea, still a dream... but someday.

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Dang said...

Hey François,

Can I work for you when you get that studio?

I'll learn how to melt rubber and stuff.