Saturday, August 01, 2015

CASTING CALL for "One Day In December"

CASTING CALL: One Day In December - Short Film.

One Day in December is a short film about two people from different worlds who fall in love one Christmas Eve. A romantic tale of love, laughter and friendship, set to the backdrop of Christmas in Ireland - pubs, parties, drinks, live music, family, friends, cold winter days and warm winter nights.

This film is a proof of concept for a feature film entitled 10 Days in December, which I hope to shoot December 2016. But it will stand alone as its own film. Though remaining open ended, my hope is to leave the audience satisfied, but wanting more.

The film will shoot in Drogheda, Co. Louth, Ireland in December of this year (Possibly early January of 2016 - Dates tbc). The shoot will be one week long. Leading cast are required for entire week, days and nights. Supporting cast for two to three days and nights during the week of production.


Will (29)
Lucy (24 - American)

John (28)
Dan (28)
Tadhg (22)
Kieran (32)

Wendy (28)
Fi (27)
Lorraine (24)

Bartender (30/40)
Chip-Shop Owner (50s)

Please contact me with your reel, headshot and resume if you are interested in auditioning. You can hit the contact button on the right of this page. Or message me at

If you do not have a reel, please send me a taped monologue (filmed on your phone is fine - send a secure link via youtube). It is important that I see some footage of you, as I am in California I cannot audition in person. First round will be asked to submit a taped reading from the script. Second round will meet on Skype. Last round will be cast.

Parts are paid, accommodation and some expenses will be provided, where needed. This is a low budget independent production being funded by the filmmaker, Me! So it will be a small production, but I've done this a few times before, so we should be alright!

Once post production is completed the film will be used to help gather interest and raise funding for the feature film, but it will also be rolled out to film festivals around the world. I will also seek a sales agent to represent the film and look to sell it to broadcast.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and for your interest. I look forward to seeing your reels!!!


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