Thursday, May 21, 2015

I Am Ireland - Deadline Announced

I would like to announce the Deadline for Submission to 'I Am Ireland' - August 31st 2015.

I felt the project needed a deadline. It gives everyone a clear timeline and something to aim for. Plus it gives me time to gather all the clips, watch them, log them and start to figure out the structure and themes of the film. Then of course I have to sit down and edit the whole thing! I would like to do that through Autumn and Winter and have the film ready for release come 2016.

So if you're an Irish Immigrant living abroad, no matter where you are in the world, the US, UK, Ukraine, Australia, Austria, Asia... doesn't matter... I want to hear your story. Use your smartphone, set it down (sideways) somewhere quiet, so we can hear you and you're not drowned out by noise, and record yourself.

Talk about why you left Ireland, what your life was like in Ireland, what it was like when you first moved, what it's like now and what your connection to Ireland is now. When you think of Ireland, what do you think about. And what's it like being Irish and living in a different culture, how do hang onto you own culture and heritage.

Get in touch with me, I'll let you know how you can upload your clip to the vimeo page, and I'll take the rest from there. Let's make a really great film together. Let's tell our story, as Ireland's diaspora. 

I'm looking forward to hearing your story, and helping to share it with the world.

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