Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Love Story. Pure and Simple.

We've already had a massive reaction after announcing 10 Days in December. Lots of interest from people wanting to be involved, which is encouraging. Early days. Still writing. It'll be a couple of months before I'm ready to think about casting. And then comes Money, and the hunt there of!!! Which will of course determine everything. Though I've never let money stop me from moving ahead on a project.

Meantime, here's a brief synopsis about 10 Days in December.


Over 10 Days in December Will and Lucy will find love. But will it be enough, as friends, family, an Ocean, their beliefs, all stand against them? 

Will is a 29 year-old filmmaker from Ireland, brought up in a non-religious family, with an irreverent disregard for all things church. Lucy is a 24 year-old graduate of a Christian college, from a God fearing American family, working as the film programmer at a film festival in the Mid-West. 

One day Will sends a copy of his latest short film to that very same festival. A few days later Lucy picks it up. Soon their stars begin to align and pretty soon Will is on his way to the festival to pick up an award. Lucy is busy preparing the films for screening and looking forward to meeting all this years filmmakers, but none more so than this enigmatic filmmaker from Ireland. 

As the week goes on, amid the chaos of the festival, they both find themselves drawn to each other and quickly become friends. When the festival finally comes to an end a connection has been made, one too strong to ignore. So Will invites Lucy to spend Christmas in Ireland. Lucy says yes.

A few weeks later Lucy lands in Ireland. She has never done anything like this before, and has been told by most of the people she knows not to. But something is pulling her toward this charming Irish lad. For the next 10 days they spend every minute together. Will shows her his town, the places he grew up, they go to local pubs, see live music, hang out with friends, go to parties, eat, drink, spend cold days holding hands, and warm nights sipping wine by the fire. The get to know each other. They begin to fall in love.

But the closer they get the more apparent the distance between them becomes, in more ways than one. 

Do they play it safe, enjoy the moment and allow it to be nothing more than a holiday romance. Or do they let go of their fears and allow themselves to fall, not knowing what the future will hold.


So, there you go, you know a little more now. It's a love story, pure and simple.

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