Thursday, April 04, 2013

Current Bun

This is the poster for 'Joe & Sarah', the film I made for Ablevision Ireland. We have a day of pick-ups to do next week and then the edit begins. This one was a pleasure to be a part of. Premiering in Drogheda at the Ablevision Film Festival on the 17th of March.

Putting this one out there. Asking people to put their thoughts to camera and answer five open questions that should give a real sense of the mood in Ireland at the moment. So far six people have joined. Thinking about do a local thing too, so rather than have people have to tape themselves, I'll do that part.

This is a side project I have going. Currently working on the proposal, so I'll be able to talk in detail about it when it's done. But it's a simple project to promote local filmmakers doing local things. 

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