Monday, October 15, 2012

I Can't Enter That Film Festival, The Washing Machine Needs Replacing.

The reality of being an unemployed filmmaker is that when the washing machine breaks, you suddenly realise that having clean underwear is more important than screening at Sundance. At least, it takes greater precedence.

Film festivals are expensive to enter, and it's a gamble, and when you're as broke as we are, $50 is a lot to gamble. Plus there's no guarantee you'll get into that festival, even the one you think is perfect for your film.

It's difficult and frustrating, and I'm sure many filmmakers at my level will know that this is often the part of the process where we fall down. In an effort to just get the film made we don't think too far ahead, to our detriment, because when we do get to the the point, where we need to get the film out, we're ill prepared. Or, rather, we're simply broke and can't afford anything anymore.

Some people suggested I do another kickstarter campaign to help get the film out there. But I don't want to do that, people have already invested in it that way and I don't want to go back and ask again. I think it's down to me know to get it out, I feel like that's the promise I made when I asked them the first time. So now I have to live up to that. Besides... I'm saving up for a big one in the new year for Nevermore :p

So, a finished film, that's taken three years to make, sits in the dark without an audience, going unseen. Which again, is frustrating. The trick now is how to get it out into the world. Things are changing. There are so many other avenues to audiences. I'm looking at different ways to self-distribute. So while I will try to go down the festival route, I think I'll be looking for other means and method, one's that are perhaps less expensive!

And, who knows, once I buy a new washing machine maybe I'll have a few extra quid for a festival or two!

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