Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Look What Came In The Post

Quiet enough couple of weeks, though there has been plenty to keep me busy. I entered a script competition to write 15 pages based on a random logline, so been working on that. I think I got it to where I want it to be, storywise anyway, and it ends on the right note. Trouble is, my 15 pages are 30 pages long! Got some editing to do.

Still working on Derelict. The sound has yet to be complete. Ran into some delays, more complicated than we thought, so we still have a lot of work left to do. We're aiming for a basic mix for the premiere, which is unfortunate and frustrating, but can't be helped. I think it'll sound fine, but it wont be the mix I wanted, or will eventually have. We'll go back in after to premiere and give it the full treatment.

But we'll be down to the wire, Rocci Barrett has stepped in at the 11th hour to help and complete the mix. But he's away on his holliers right now! He'll come back and put five days in. Hand me the sound on the 11th. I'll give it to the Element on the 12th. They'll have it for a day. I'll most likely get it back on the 14th. Screening is on the 16th! Oh well, it's not unusual, same thing happened on Emily's Song, that was down to the wire every step of the way! One screening we showed up with the finished film in our hands and gave it to the projectionist as the audience gathered! Wouldn't recommend it! Not good for the blood pressure... though beer tastes a whole lot better after the screening!

Premier Poster - Large
Posters arrived, they look fantastic! Very happy with how they turned out. Decent quality. At €20 each I could only afford 2 of the large posters, so hopefully they don't get robbed! I may very well have to raise some more funding for the film to finish it. Among other things, distribution, festivals, entry fees, tapes. I just discovered to get the film put onto HDCAM, which a lot of festivals are looking for these days, is going to cost me €450!!! Jaysus Lads!!!

Small Poster - Original Design
I went after the Film Board for €5000 and they said no, I thought I could do without and figure another way round, but as it happens, that's the amount I'm going to need to get it finished and get it out! It's an expensive game this filmmaking lark!

The Premiere is approaching fast! Three weeks on Sunday! TICKETS ARE ON SALE HERE! Please come along!!! Say hello if you're there. I'll be there with the cast and crew. It's also the closing night of the festival so there's going to be one hell of a party afterwards!

'Raise My Hands' is continuing it's run, we are screening as part of the Harlem International Film Festival, the week after the Derelict Premiere, Sep 19 to 23. Wish I could go, Harlem sounds like fun!

Not much else going at the moment. All is quiet. Making plans for the move.

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