Monday, August 06, 2012

Hands in Cement

Just back from a great, if not somewhat unexpected, trip to Boston. I say unexpected because my US visa came through, and because some forms I needed took so long, some other forms previously acquired and submitted were about to expire, which only left me five days to get over there to activate it! So I got my visa last Wednesday and flew to Boston on Thursday! Everything worked out and we made the most of the trip, Boston's a great town.

Grauman's Chinese Theatre
Meantime, Raise My Hands continues to ride high on the festival circuit. Screening this week as part of the Hollyshorts Film Festival. And to add to the honour, we're screening in Grauman's Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard, the most famous movie theatre in the world (the one with all the famous hand and feet prints out front.) Very excited about that.

Jimmy Stewart - My personal hero.
(Sid was Sid Grauman, founder of the theatres.)
The first time I ever went to Hollywood, which was in 1998 actually, it was probably the first stop I made. I wanted to see the hand prints, in particular Jimmy Stewart, who I has always been my favourite actor. I don't remember if my hands were the same size or not! I also compared my my hands to that of Clint Eastwood, never imagined the same hand would appear in a short film I was involved in years later. Funny how these little things come round.

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