Sunday, May 06, 2012

Let's Get Digital.

The Derelict Digital Poster.

In other big news; the edit is complete. It's a picture lock! Quite the milestone. There is still a lot of work to do. We have the sound mix to complete, which includes sound design and adding an extra layer of depth to the film. Then we go to The Element for the colour grade and finishing of the film for screening. So we're close, but yeah, work still to do. I would like to be finished end of June, beginning of July. Hopefully we can get there! It's shaping up that way though.

I'm looking forward to getting the film complete, obviously! It's two years in the making! I'm excited to start showing people. I haven't shown it to many people, only the producers and obviously the people working on the post production side of things. I almost did, I was tempting, but then I decided to save it. I've shown people my films too early in the past. It can be helpful, but I think it takes some of the shine off of it when you're showing 5 slightly different versions of something. I'd rather unveil the piece and let it be.

I know some people are going to like it, some not, some will be surprised, others disappointed, but that's the nature film, it's the nature of the edit. You work toward the overall, you lose some good men along the way, but in the end, your goal is the mission (war analogy there, hope it worked?!... and by men I mean scene... not actors... probably shouldn't have gone with the war analogy!) All I can do is make what I think is best, put it out there, and let it find it's own audience. Then it's on to the next one... hopefully!

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