Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hands Up For Festival News.

'Raise My Hands' opens the Sonoma Film Festival today, ahead of Luc Besson's film 'The Lady', which is quite the honour. I wish I could be there to represent, but can't, thankfully writer and producer Elliot Kotek is in attendance. Looking forward to hearing how it goes down. I'd almost given up on that film, I really liked it and was quite proud of it when it was done, but for one reason or another it looked like it may never be releases, so I had resigned myself to that being the case. Luckily it wasn't. And after a slow start we're now riding high on the festival circuit.

As mentioned before we had Heartland, Byron Bay International and coming up we have the Newport Beach Film Festival and the Tokyo Short Shorts International Film Festival (an Academy Award qualifying festival!). Again - huge honours. I'm very excited about them. There are a few coming up after, but we can't announce anything yet. So all good.

We're in the news a little bit, you can read articles on IFTN and Film Ireland, below a clipping from one of my local newspapers, the Drogheda Leader.

In other news, I'm still finishing Derelict, still on the hunt for a sound designer. Dermot O'Mahony is working on the score at the moment, the temp was working really well, but now it's a matter of making it fit and complement the action. The Element are waiting for all the final cut to start work. I'm aiming for an end of June finish. I'm looking forward to getting it done and starting to show people. I'm happy with how the cut has turned out. Still a little bit to do, but we're almost there.

Hopefully plenty of cool news to come, on Derelict and on other projects ticking away in the background. More soon.

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