Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Something with Swords.

Here's an interesting thing.

In 2001, when I made the decision to fully commit to pursuing a career in film and started writing a kidnap crime thriller, my two top films of that year, that I drew a lot of inspiration from, were Memento and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.

I have two kinds of films I love to watch, well, I love all kinds of films, but I always come back to two - the contained dark and violent crime thriller and the epic adventure.

This year, 2011, ten years on, having finally made my first feature film, a dark and violent kidnap crime thriller, I find that my two top films of this year are Drive, a smaller contained violent crime thriller, and 13 Assassins, an epic adventure (also an asian swordplay movie as it happens!)

Just found that interesting. A couple of full circle moments.

So I guess now that I've made my small crime thriller I'll have to make an epic adventure next...  something with swords!

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