Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Lucky Number 5

Tomorrow is Thursday. That's three days to pick up everything I need. Lights, sound equipment, food, water, kitchen equipment, props, costumes... I'm getting flashbacks to my childhood and Saturday evenings when Challenge Anneka was on! Lots to do. Someone called me this evening and asked if I'd do a music video for them, for some reason I agreed to meet them tomorrow. Don't know what I was thinking, for one, I don't do music videos, and what the hell time do I think I have?! I'm going to have to cancel.

Monday brings the first day of rehearsal, now taking place in The Factory in Dublin. The guys did me a great deal and got me out of a hole! I thought we were getting the Complex, one of the actors helps out there and said we probably could get it, but they booked a show in the meantime. Fair enough. I'm interested to see what the Factory space is like. The palce was a famous rehearsal space for bands back in the 80s, the likes of U2 used to rehearse there. Recently it has been reestablished as a film studio, set up by several well known Irish filmmakers, John Carney (Once) Kirsten Sheridan (August Rush) and Lance Daly (Kisses) among them. I believe it's meant to operate in the same way Coppola's Zoetrope does, or did! A kind of filmmakers collective?! I'm not a hundred percent sure, so looking forward to finding out more. (RTE Radio interview about the place Here.)

Apart from that aspect I'm just looking forward to getting into a room with the actors and figuring this thing out. With all the delays on this, 5 false starts in total, it's actually been a bit of a blessing. It's given us the time to meet again and again and try different things. Things that didn't always work, but you have to go down these roads. I've had the luxury of having lengthy conversations with the actors. Nothing has been rushed and I believe it's all lead to a stronger script and hopefully that will all translate to a better film.

Just mentioning the 5 false starts there - it's interesting, 5 seems to be the constant trend here, fifth start attempt, €5000 budget, 5 day shoot. Hopefully it's Lucky!

Should get to bed. Late. I've already had one sleepless night filled with worry this week, so going to try and get some sleep before a busy day tomorrow! Just thought I'd empty sweep some brain dust under the rug before laying it to rest.

More soon. Once we get into rehearsals it should get a bit more interesting and hopefully I'll be able to post a lot more pictures and maybe some more videos.

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