Sunday, August 07, 2011

Pistols at Dawn.

Sold Slán agus Beannacht to RTE. Great! Delighted. I'm glad this film will be broadcast and everyone's work will finally get seen by a large audience.

Derelict is moving forward nicely. Things are coming together. On target for September shoot. We'll be getting gear from Film Equipment Hire Ireland, my thanks Colin Browne there for the help! Awesome! I've been talking to renowned armorer John McKenna about supplying some weapons - pistols and knives. Hopefully going out to his store soon to have a look at what I can afford.

Me doing camera test at location.
On that subject I'm meeting with actor Keith Ward this week to start designing the fights and stunts. So I'm looking forward to that. I'm planning on storyboarding the film, so will trying to get some boards done for the fights soon to work from.

Last week I met with actors Michael bates and Steve Gunn to go over the brother scenes and work on their relationship as brothers. It was a great afternoon. We got a lot from it and it gave us so much food for thought. It felt like we'd given the script life, and the more time we spent with it the more it grew and flourished. So I'm really looking forward to doing some lengthy rehearsals and
John Lawlor DOP
finally getting on set.

I think I said before it's one of my favourite parts of the experience, getting actors in a room and watching your words come to life and then the collaboration that comes after, the conversation, the search for the truth within the words. When it works it's truly exhilarating. I love it.

Coming up, casting. I have one part left to cast. Previously owned by Andy Gallagher, the part of Andrew the son has been rewritten as Louise, the daughter. So I'm on the look out for a young actress. So seeing some people this week. Hopefully Louise is among them.

So it's getting close. 7 weeks today we'll all be on set. I can't wait... actually, I can! There's still a hell of a lot to do and I'd rather have the time. Even though this has been two year in development and it's been delayed and delayed this year, I'm sure once it comes to it I'll be praying for more time! But that's the energy that gets us through.
The location.

Just wanted to throw this in. I watched a fantastic film this morning, one I've been meaning to watch for quite a while - Down Terrace. A low budget british crime film made by director Ben Wheatley and writer Rob Hill. It was absolutely brilliant. I loved it. A real, edgy, violent and very bloody funny crime thriller. It's very much in the same vein as Derelict - Shoot on one location, a small cast and crew, everyone working for free, a budget of a few grand, no backing, purely independent and shot over two weeks.

Down Terrace - Highly Recommended!

It gives me hope, makes me believe that great films really are achievable at this level. Also worries me! But Derelict has a great team fighting to make it work.

That's all for now. Hopefully back soon with some cast news!


mr wheatley said...

Thanks Frank!

Frank Kelly said...

*blush* Thanks Ben! You've made my week!!!

Really looking forward to Kill List by the way. Congrats.