Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I got a PFO letter this week. I have a stack of them. A large pile that I used to keep pinned to the wall beside my desk, but that now inhabit the bottom of a box somewhere. I also have several gigs of PFO emails.

Ah, the rejection letter. It's a daily subjection as a filmmaker and writer to be faced with rejection. Daily rejection? Think about that. To be told "No" "Not Good Enough" "Go Away" "Not A Chance" "PLEASE F*&@ OFF" on a daily basis. I imagine it's a lot like what it feels like to be a chugger. (Though that doesn't make me hate them any less!)

But, alas, it is part of the process. It gets easier to take. But is no less annoying. I suppose it helps develop a thick skin and enforces the resolve to keep going. To prove them wrong? a little bit, yes. But it's always about the work. Making something good and enjoying it, because that's why you're in it in the first place - for the love of the work. Not for the approval of funding bodies.

In fact, I'd like to start sending them PFO letters back.

Dear Funding Body,

          Well I don't need you stupid money anyway. I'm still going to make my film. :b'

Yours Sincerely
A Jilted Lover.

Does make me sound a bit like a jilted lover doesn't it?! Well, maybe not then. Best to just brush it off. Just figure on the fact that your work is not going to be for everyone and keep doing it anyway.

The project I'm referring to was of course Derelict (as well as every other project I've ever thought of, developed, wrote and made) but that's shooting in 4 weeks time. So you make it happen. No one else. Just you. People may step in to help if you're lucky, but still and always it's down to you to make it happen. Rejection is part of acceptance. Makes becoming all the sweeter.

Now, I have work to do, so if you don't mind - PFO.


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