Thursday, March 03, 2011

The Creative Side.

Things are going well on Derelict, coming together at last. Richard Quinn has joined the production as Producer and he's pulled a lot of things together very quickly for us. He's good at what I'm crap at, phoning people and asking for things! I don't know why I'm bad at that, I get nervous and self-conscious and worry about asking for favours and things for free, so I don't call or put it off until it's too late. I'm not much of a producer. I don't know how I've made 4 films to date! But it's great he's on board, it allows my to concentrate more on my side of things, the creative side.

We have a few details to confirm on some exciting things and then I can talk about them. We're close to getting the Location... at least I hope we are! I'll wait until we do to say where and what it is, but if we secure it, it will be very cool!

New draft of the script is now, at last, going well. It's been so hard to get to it lately. Being a stay-at-home dad with a one year-old makes writing near impossible. I find the best time is between 11pm and 3am... but I'm usually falling over by 11pm and ready for bed! If I can break through that barrier I'm usually OK. Managed to do it last night and got a good bit done. Will try again tonight. Tomorrow the little one if off with her grandmother for the day, so it's a writing day for me. Hope to put a big dent in the next draft.

My old/new friend Mark Kearns (former owner of Boyne Books) has stepped in to help with some fundraising and has organised a Wine/Food/Film night in association with Andersons cafe in the Highlanes Gallery and The Wine Buff, on the 31st of March (tbc). There be... well, wine food and films! My short films intersperse between wine tasting, food consumption and an auction! Of some yet to be confirmed items, most likely various vouchers for one thing or another, but certain some of my photography. Fittingly enough pieces from my 'Old Shoes and Broken Walls' collection (images of Derelict buildings) and a portfolio or two of unframed images. Hopefully we'll pull a good crowd in. I'm looking forward to it.

I'm going to be having the second reading with the cast soon. I'll be filming that and hopefully doing some scenes. Will be nice to get stuck in. But I'll also be cutting a promo from the footage and including a pitch from myself which will go up on the relaunched kickstarter fund and be used on the wine night and hopefully to entice further contribution and sponsorship from local people and businesses. That'll be coming at the end of March too.

That's all for now. Next post should have some cool news.

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Anonymous said...

You should auction yourself - people might like to pay for an hour with their own filmmaker. :)