Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Quiet Man

All's quiet on the western front, at least on the surface it is, beneath things are bubbling.

Derelict is coming together. Script is going well, though still needs plenty of work. Still no location and still no money! But those will come. I'm hoping to get the script done in the next two weeks. Before Christmas anyway. I'm sure Christmas will be the usual distraction from work. Once it's over things will start heating up on Derelict as we head toward a March shoot.

Meantime I'm editing a short for Victoria Charters called Backstage. I'll get that finished next week. Interesting little short, shot for no money on a Canon 5D. It's about an actress preparing to go on stage.

Good news for 140. We were invited to screen at the 2011 Sedona International Film Festival and I was asked by the Ottawa University in Canada if they could include the film in their media class, which is quite a privilege.

Couple of other cool things I can't talk about at the moment... wouldn't be me if I wasn't keeping quiet about something. But hopefully I can talk more about it in the not too distant future!

Busy, and exciting times!

(Recent Article by the Drogheda Leader for Derelict, written by Ian Watter.)

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