Monday, November 01, 2010

Large, Disused and Unavailable... No, not me!

I've mentioned, without much detail, that I'm working on a new film (planned shoot at the end of January) called 'Derelict'. It's set in one location over one night. It's mostly cast, mostly crewed and had, up until this morning, the location. I was informed today that now I cannot use that location.

The Perfect place, exactly what I was looking for, in fact it was so ideal that when I visited it for the first I wondered if I hadn't been there before and forgotten, it was so close to what I had written in the script. I thought, "This is just the best luck!"

Now, two months later, I'm told that due to "Health & Safety" issues, it is unsafe to film there. Honestly seemed fine to me, but what do I know, I'm not a health & safety expert. So, I'm up a creak without a paddle with 3 months before shooting. Bit of a headache, but I'm sure something will along. Maybe even better than I'd hoped for, who knows.

I am looking forward to it. As I finish the script and the story and structure solidify in my mind and I talk to actors about it I find I'm getting more more excited about it. I think it's going to be good, something really unique and fun to do and hopefully, no, I'm sure, fun to watch!

So I'm hoping some of you will make donations to help with production. Anything from €1 to €1,000,000 (no seriously, a million would be great!!! and seriously, €1 would too, it all goes somewhere - if 50 of you give €1 each that's tapes bought for the whole shoot!)

This film has no backing, no studios, financiers, arts agencies or government appointed film bodies are involved, I'm doing it off my own back. So if you want to be involved, help get the film made and have an Associate Producer credit on the end of the film (as well as an exclusive invite to an online Premiere before anyone else has seen the film) then click 'Donate' to your right and enter whatever amount you feel you can afford (you could even buy a credit for the film fan in your life as a christmas present?!)

If you're not a 'paypal' kind of person, and many aren't, click 'Drop Me A Line' to email me and we'll figure something else out. Or you could just buy a 140 DVD, same as above, click donate and enter €15.99 with your address and I'll send one out to you. All money goes toward this new film.

Late addition: American Film Website have picked up on my call for donations! Check it out here.

The Lord takes with one hand and gives with the other.
(I don't know if that's a real quote from anything, but...)

Two nights ago I dreamed a short film, well, it was more like a scene from a film. As I awoke and lay in half slumber, threads of the dream still hung and I was able to form a structure around this dream. As I awoke I began to wonder if this story I had half dreamed half made in waking slumber was actually worth hanging onto, as clarity dawned I found it was and I had to quickly employ some dream remembering techniques to hang onto it. Like word association, names, faces, tone and telling the story over and over the more I woke and then most importantly, telling the dream to my still sleeping wife as she lay beside mumbling something to the effect of: "Why are you waking me, it's Sunday..."

I spent the morning writing this dream down in script form and from it came a new short script, 23 pages long, called "The Quarry" which I'm actually quite happy with. It tells the story of two people in love, who've lost each other, we never find out how or why, but the find each other again when they both think it's too late. It just takes on last leap of faith to bring them back together.

This is the third script I've dreamed, "The Hollow Tree" was the first. That one was quite dream like and a bit mad! The second was "Angelina" a magical romantic story set in Paris. And now this. It's a funny thing, unexpected when it happens, but always thrilling and a joy to be handed a full story as a gift from my subconscious. It's as if my brain is a writer all on it's own and occasionally sends stories my way, just to see what I think. I must very critical though, if so far I've only accepted three!

I don't know what I'll do with it. I suppose it's doable. Would require money though. Most of it is straight forward character based drama, but there are two major stunts in it. And it would have to look beautiful, no low-budget digitally shot over the weekend crap here. Time. Effort. Quality. It would have to be a portfolio piece for all involved.

Anyway, we'll see.

Well, gotta go. Have to find a large disused building that someone will let me shoot in, and bloody quickly! Wish me luck!

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