Sunday, September 12, 2010

Alot About Nothing.

Sorry, two weeks since the last blog. Not much happening. 140 had it's screening at the Downtown Film Fest in LA last night, haven't heard how it went yet, LA is still sleeping!

I've started the rewrite on Ghoster. Just getting the beat sheet out. Haven't had much time on it. Being a stay-at-home Dad doesn't leave much time for writing! Will get to it soon I hope.

Still waiting to hear back on Iscariot. Been with the producer for 2 months now and no word. So not sure what the deal is there. Hopefully find out what the plan is, if any, soon.

I have a few things coming up, none of which I can announce yet - typical! Raise My Hands the short film I did with Elliot Kotek and Scott McDermott is on hold, it's finished, but we have to wait for word, or approval, or something, from one particular organisation before we can release it - if we can release it, may turn out to be a big fat waist of time! I hope not. It's a great piece. Powerful and moving and I'm proud of my work on it. Fingers crossed.

I have a big premiere of 140 for Ireland, in a great venue, the venue. But need to confirm some details and wait till they go to press before I say what it is.

Another Big fest coming up for 140 in the states, again, have to wait till they're ready to announce! Sorry! Maybe I should just not post this blog, it's a whole lot of saying nothing about stuff that's not happening! Think how great the blog will be when I do get to say stuff's happening!

One thing I can announce is that all my shorts, Emily's Song, Bill For Short and Slán agus Beannacht, will be screening as part of Culture Night here in Drogheda, introduced by my good self and in association with Nexus Art Project. I will also screen a film that has influenced me, which I'm taking great delight in! I love sharing films with people, even if they don't always like what I suggest! It's like a tiny glimpse into my workings and where I've come from. I'm not 100% sure of what to screen yet I'm back and forth on a lot of things. I had an initial idea, but then I start thinking of all these other amazing films! I'll narrow it down. I'll think of something good. That's on the 24th of September!

Not much happening on the Ghoster front with regard to production. I was talking to a producer recently, who's had quite a successful career in this country, but is finding it near impossible to get stuff going at the moment, even with a green lit project they can't quite get all the cash they need to pull it together! Production companies are closing down all the time. Films just aren't getting made. At least not as many as have been in recent years.

But maybe that's just at the higher end of things. I still see a lot of people getting no-budget stuff up and running. Films made on favours, goodwill and pure grit and determination. I know Terry Mahon, who's efforts on his own film were part of the inspiration in getting Ghoster off the ground, is in post on that project 'Charlie Casanova'. I notice Jason Figis' retelling of 'A Christmas Carol', 'Savage' is coming out soon (though that's a micro budget IFB film), Paddy O'Shea has been shooting 'Treekeeper' all summer in Cork. I'm just getting into 'Covies' by Len Collins, which is actually a Web Drama, but it's a no budget piece that was made independently with local help and people working for biscuits! And of course not forgetting my favourite Web Series 'Vultures', also shot on a shoestring. From what I've seen of all of them, they're quality work and entertaining and the fact is, people are doing stuff. Gives me hope for Ghoster.

But we'll see what happens. You never know what around the next corner.

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