Thursday, September 30, 2010

140 Irish Premiere!!!

I'm very excited to announce the Irish Premiere of 140 at long long last!!!

It's going to be taking place in the Irish Film Institute on Sunday October 10th at 1pm! I'm thrilled! Thrilled to finally be able to show 140 to an audience in Ireland. And thrilled that it's happening in the IFI! Bit of a dream come true if I'm honest!

I used to frequent the IFI when I was at college (then the IFC) I was in there most days, buying videos, books, postcards, posters and imported magazine that were available nowhere else - as this was, I'm showing my age, before the internet was in every home and so widely available! I remember seeing John Lassater there in a retrospective of his career and the premiere of Toy Story 2. Followed by a Q&A, where he signed a poster for me (which hangs framed beside my DVD collection! Geek Alert!)

I know many prestigious directors have screened and appeared there, so it's a special honour to be joining them... not that I'm comparing myself to any of them! This is just a great opportunity and I'm grateful for the chance to be able to show 140 in such a great venue. My huge thanks to the IFI and Sunniva O'Flynn, the IFI curator, for agreeing to show the film.

Tickets are available at the box office and from their website! I hope if you're in, or close to, Dublin you'll pop in and check it out. I'll be there for a Q&A afterwards... please come and ask lots of questions, I love talking about the film.

See you there!

(The October Programme, 140 is on page 21.
Bit of a coincidence being in the same issue as
'The Social Network'! Considering the theme!)

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