Monday, June 28, 2010

Poster Quotes!

Thanks to everyone for watching Slán over the weekend, I appreciate you taking the time out and I really appreciate your comments. So much so I thought I would share then here!

" powerful Frank. I have to say I shed a few tears. It definitely represents and illustrates something that is happening in Ireland right now..." Justina Cowley.

"...enjoyed every secound of it..." John Black.

"One word.. brilliant! more words... Totally reflects an increasingly growing and worrying element of society, and also documents how within a generation things have changed so much. Great work Frank, you are someone this town should be very proud of." Keith Byrne.

" acting, cinematography & writing! "Progress is a speeding train, Pat..." "I'd rather walk, thank you." Beautifully written, well-told story. (Excellent music selection as well.)" Christine Reynolds.

"...once again a poignant story told with such heart." Rachel McEeaneny.

"...truly great!" Laurie Leech.

"Fantastic work. Great character study and commentary on changing times. As relevant here in the States and I imagine around the world." Robert Zappia.

"Watched your film twice this morning; listened to the closing credits, like, 15 times. Seriously, brother, awesome." John Burton.

"Rubbish! not a word i would use to describe it." Rob Kearney.

Maybe I should put them on the poster!!! Thanks Guys, very much appreciated.

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