Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Exciting News!!!

I'm excited to to announce that the World Premiere of 140 will be held at the Newport Beach Film Festival in California, USA, at the end of April. This is a fantastic festival and a great honour to have it be the first official screening of our film.

The festival is 11 years old and has premiered some great films, Crash and Dogtown and Z-Boys among them. It runs from April 22nd to 29th and I hope to be able to attend... still not sure on that one though. But I'm sure all of the California filmmakers will be able to make it down and represent!

This is a great platform to launch 140 into the world. I've already had interest from other festivals, so I'm hoping this is the start of many good things to come for 140.

Here's an article from Australia's number one film magazine Film Ink: A Film Worth Tweeting About!


Patrick O'Shea said...

Congrats and well done Frank! That's great news! Keep on truckin!

Frank Kelly said...

Thanks Paddy - our 'Cork' filmmaker!