Saturday, October 17, 2009

Slan agus Beannacht Premiere

(Pascal Scott, Me & George "Bosco" McDermot at the screening)

A successful night last night. We had a good crowd, a full room. Everyone seemed to enjoy the film, good comments afterwards. Everyone involved in the film, cast and crew, seemed happy, so that made me happy! It was certainly a relief. So now it's out in the world. First public screening done!

It will be interesting to see where it goes next and on what journey this film takes me. I'm sure there'll be a few surprises! From passed experience I imagine it will take a couple of months to bite, maybe in the new year, then hopefully it will start rolling.

My thanks to everyone who attended last night, I appreciate you turning up and to everyone who came to the pub afterwards... especially the brave (drunken) souls who stayed on till 4am! Ouch! I was fine this morning I must say, I was secretly watching what I was drinking! I know a couple young Cork lads had a tad more and certainly paid for it this morning, if they hadn't told me I might have guessed from the grey tone to their complexion! - safe home boys! Thanks for making the trip.

Special thanks to Mark Kearns for the use of the space and helping to organise the event. And of course to my beautiful wife Maryann who spent all day preparing the food and then served it and the wine at the event, she was on her feet all day - and at 8 months pregnant that's no easy thing!

One surprise was how complementary people were of the song "Rest" at the end of the film, alot of people really liked it, some more then the film I think! So thanks again for the kind words! So here it is again for your listening pleasure ;)

There are a list of people I need to thank, so here they are:

Fundraiser prize sponsors:
Salthouse - Picturehouse Mural Design - The Wine Buff - Frames Unlimitied - Beulah Print - Kodak Express - Droichead Arts Centre - Free Spirit - Fox Jewellers - Eastern Seaboard Bar & Grill - Stockwell Artisan Foods

Jason Byrne

Paddy McArdle

Robbie Bonham

External Sounds

Drogheda Burrough Council

Dom Wilton

Briege King

Sharon Tuohy

Dundalk College Nursing Department (not right name)

McHughs Pub Drogheda

TP McHugh

Sandra Gough

Richie Quinn - Donnation

Marie Mulligan – Scholars

Shcolars Townhouse Hotel Drogheda - Accomadation

Anne O’Brien

Gary Delaney

Johnny Thornton

Patsy & Anne Fagan

Darren Thornton & Collette Farrell at Calipo Picture & Theatre Company

Camille Donegan

Mark Lebenon

Caroline Farrell


Eoin McGlaughlin - Lighting

Maryellen Darby - Make-up Artist

Sue Downey - Sound Recordist

Graham Newcombe - Sound on Last day

JJ Rolfe - Director of Photogrpahy


Paschal Scott – Pat

Tony Leddy – Office Manager

Rory Mullen – Liam

Elaine Reddy - Ann

Noel Kelly – Brian

Ann Russell – Mrs. Smith

Gerry Shanahan – Charlie

Frank Kelly - Bartender

Gary Clinton - Himself

Teen Gang

Shane Murray Corcoran – Paddy

Eric O’Brien – Anto

Conor Branigan – Freddie

Andrew Gallagher – Tom

Office Staff

Anne Lawlor

Eamon Lawlor

Wendy Tinsley

Maryann Kelly

Dom Wilton

Other credits

Sandra Tuohy – Medical Advisor

Dom Wilton – Production Assistant

Maryann Kelly – Production Coordinator


Eddie and Macka for help with equipment and Mark Kearns for the space for the screening.


Mairtin de Barra said...

well done Frank, couldn't make it at the last minute but wished I was there!
Roll on the festivals.

Frank Kelly said...

Thanks Mairtin! No worries.