Monday, August 24, 2009

On me Holliers!

I'm off for a week. Computer is going off. Phone is going off. I will be unreachable! Hurray and Hurrah!

Finishing up a few things today, burning off Slán for duplication, sending out a few last email and working on finishing the first draft of Night (only took a year). Emails concern 140 and I'm happy to say the majority of them seem to have worked this time, so we can mark a few of the MIA filmmakers off the list. The plan is to start the edit on the 31st - a full month behind when I had hoped to start, tut-tut.

I hope once I get cutting and find a rhythm it will move along quickly. Music is the main thought on my mind right now and the sourcing there of. I'll probably do a lot of temp myself, maybe if some stuff works it can stay, but I have a couple of possibilities for some original and exceptional indy artists who could bring a lot to the project. Will keep you posted.

I'm psyched about finishing Night tonight -that's if we do! I hope we do! May not, still have a new scene to create from scratch and some character development to do. It will be close. I would hate to leave it for a week so close to the end, but Thomas is forever dropping off the map, so I thought I deserved a break for once! Haven't had one for a while. My back, and brain, need it!

So fare-thee-well for a week or so. Live, love and grow. Take pride. Take care. Look left and right when crossing. Sing load. Sing proud. Sleep well. Sweet dreams. Stay safe. Stay calm. Breathe. Look. Taste. Touch. Make love. Make bread. Call a friend. Have a beer. Watch a movie... make it a good one. And until we meet again... au revoir my friends.

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