Sunday, July 05, 2009

Burning the midnight oil

Here's me script editing late on Saturday night. At 3am on Saturday morning I closed the file on Angelina, my new short script, thinking it was perfect... until the next night when I sat down to fix some typos and eventually got up from the computer at 4am with a new draft!

I'm starting to feel my age, or maybe just how unfit I am! I used to do that all the time, blasting out feature scripts in a week of all-nighters! Two late nights and I'm aching, cricks in my neck, sore back, cramping hands!!! Not good!

But it was worth it. I think this draft is much better. It allows certain aspects of the story to breathe, that seem rushed before. It still needs work, but I'm happy, the story is there and seems to work.

But what do I know, I'm just the writer. It's up the folks with the cash to decide if it gets made, and without cash, this will never see the light of day - it's not a low budget, shoot for free with mates, film.

140 is progressing well, 44 clips in at this stage, and the standard is still high. I need to start emailing filmmakers who haven't sent out their footage, light a fire under their butts! Times a waistin!

There's still time though. Not at panic stations yet! I don't plan to start cutting until August, but I need time with the footage to let it settle in my brain, start thinking about it and then making decisions of what direction to take. Although I imagine this cut will be quite intuitive, allow the footage to tell me what direction to go in. But I need all the footage to be able to do that... so come on guys, lets get that footage in the post!

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