Thursday, June 04, 2009

Shane Fest - Cancelled.

Here's two people I don't like very much today:
Shane Meadows
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Interviews
Shane Black

Why? Because they cancelled Shane Fest!!! That's right, both pulled out of the Give Me Direction Seminar in Dublin this week! Meadows last week for no given reason and Black today (He was to talk tonight) apparently because his passport was out of date and he didn't notice until he got to the airport! Hmm? 

Both were the main reason I was going to the event, so needless to say I'm disappointed. 

The Film Board were nice about it, they gave me, and I'm sure everyone else, a phone call and apologised in person and they offered a refund for the Black talk and a full refund if people felt the need to pull out of the event entirely.

I didn't, I will go tomorrow. It's a full day and it has a pretty good line up as it is... who needs the stupid Shane's!!! 

Ah well, I'm it couldn't be helped, these things happen. Will have a report on the seminar next week. Happy weekend!

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