Sunday, May 24, 2009

We're Big in Brazil!!!

Seems news went out on a well read Brazilian news site. I've been inundated with requests from Brazil since, which is great. So I'm delighted to welcome filmmakers from Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro to the project, as well as filmmakers in Costa Rico. 

I'd also like welcome Zach Helm to the project, writer of Stranger Than Fiction and writer/director of Mr.Magorium's Magic Emporium. Singled out as writer I've long admired. 

101. Brian MacKay – Alberta – Canada

102. Johanna Custer – Pittsburgh – USA

103. Pablo Gutiérrez – Heredia - Costa Rica - pabloguther

104. Matt Shaw – Appleton WI – USA

105. Davide Cinzi – Beaconsfield – UK

106. Jaosn Butler – Dublin – Ireland

107. Andrew Gill – Chicago – Illinois – USA

108. Conor Flynn - ? – Ireland

109. Oisin Prendiville – Tulum – Quintana Roo – Mexico

110. Sarah Mund – Sao Paulo – Brazil

111. Andrew Beutler – Santa Monica – USA

112. Siooksiok – Beijing – China

113. Simona Gherman – Bucharest – Romania

114. Marcelo Marino – NYC – USA

115. Ida Gron - ? – UK

116. Kellie Ann Banz – Vancouver – Cananda

117. Ariane Mondo – ? – Germany

118. Gary Locke – New England – USA

119. Kevin Maron & Rachel Rath (Irish) – Hollywood – USA

120. Victoria Charters – Santa Barbara - USA

With only 20 places left I'm going to be much more selective now. There are still many countries yet to find filmmakers from. So I'm going to have to start saying no unfortunately! But not to worry, I have plans to continue the project, so it wont be a no forever, just a no for this one! I will announce my plans at a later date. I want to see if this one works first!!! 

I'm sure it will and I think we can do something special, far beyond the film I will edit together, I have a feeling that will just be the start of things!

More soon!


Lady Bug said...

oh hi! i wonder if only filmmakers from sao paulo and rio de janeiro can participate. cause i live in the very south, in Santa Catarina, and many people here may want to send you their 140 seconds =]

Emmet Kelly ( said...

Hey. Why not get a snip from your namesake, Frank Kelly the actor. I can ask him if you like?

Frank Kelly said...

Hi Lady Bug, I would love some footage frmo Santa Catarina. Can I know more about you, unfortunately I can't link to your blog, do you have a web address?

Alex Anunciato said...

Hi, Frank, is me again =)

I receive your message. I can make film something from Rio de Janeiro - Brazil. Please contact me. I love your project. Alex Anunciato.

mark and johanna said...

Hello Frank,

This is such a wonderful project. We are from Cebu, Philippines and would love to participate. Let us know if this is possible, thank you.