Thursday, April 30, 2009

S&B Edit & 140 Back on Track

Things are going well on Slán Agus Beannacht, I cut 6 minutes out, so it stands at 18 minutes now. I think it works better. I don't miss the scenes. The story is there and told in a more effective way and the pacing is better. I did cut myself out! My debut acting performance has been consigned to the deleted scenes forever! 

I just thought the scene was unnecessary and I couldn't find a place where is sat comfortably, it was always jarring to suddenly be in this pub in the middle of everything. The idea of the scene was that this gang were crashing into Pat's life, taking away his feeling of security, even the most sacred of places. But all that was already there. After the first scene there's a feeling of unease that stays throughout, so I don't need to be bashing the audience over the head with it!

I've tightened to screws on the other scenes too, quicker in quicker out. Cut out the shit. Trim the fat. Tell the story. I'll give it a couple of days and go back to it. I may cut more, I'm not sure yet, might have a friend take a look. Then the sound mix and music. I put in some temp classic music which works really well, always a mistake I think! Fine for editing, but then you become attached to it. Better to edit to your own rhythm and to the rhythm of the scene. I think anyway - but I'm not an editor.


I've kicked things off on 140 again. Set a date for June 21st! I figured if there was a date there would be more of a push on, especially for me to get the 88 filmmakers still needed to complete the 140! 

So for any 140 members who I have failed to contact and still want to take part in this exciting experiment, let me know if the 21st works for you?


Liz said...

Toni Powell e-mailed your project to me. I'm a Spanish short film director, and June 21st sounds good to me!

Frank Kelly said...

Hi Liz,
That's great, you can email me at for more info! Thanks, look forward to hearing from you.