Tuesday, April 21, 2009

In the Edit suite.

I've been editing this last few days. Last night I completed the first cut, what is in effect the assembly cut, from which I will work from. I'm happy to say there seems to be a film there! It stands at 24:33 minutes, which is loads to work from. 

I'll start trimming the fat shortly and bring it down to 20 minutes and then see what's what. I think I will need a fresh eye to have a look at it, someone who doesn't know anything about it, who can come in cold with no attachment to it. 

I'm happy with it anyway, which is the main thing right now. The story comes through and there are strong performances throughout. I'm also happy with the look of the piece, I lucked out with JJ and the availability of equipment. 

I have a fair bit of mixing to do on the sound and I need effects and layers to go under and over everything, so that should be an involved part of the process. I also have the music to write and record, which I always enjoy. Hopefully my musical ability can do my writing directing ability justice... (".) 

Back to work!

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