Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sunny Day

A Beautiful sunny day today, I'm inside storyboarding, which is fine, at least I have a view and an open window! 

Yesterday, St. Patrick's day, I did some location scouting - found a couple of suitable places. One in particular, and while photographing the place I had drunken teens shout abuse at me! So I guess it really was the perfect place, consider it's where the main character encounter similar teens. Hopefully the real ones wont be there when we're shooting. I guess if we do it first thing in the morning we'll be OK, teens don't usual rise until after 2pm anyway (speaking from experience - having been one myself)
I'm still moving ahead on 140, although recruitment has slow this last week, which isn't a bad thing, with the Slán agus Beannacht shoot 2 and half weeks away I need the time! But we're over the 50 mark, 51 to be exact. Here's who: 

46. Sarah Egan – Outer Hebirdes, UK – asgerd 

47. Kate Murphy – Dublin, Ireland – murphk27 

48. Thomas C. Guant - Chicago, USA  

49. Aaron Goodliffe – Meakstown, Ireland – AaronGoodliffe

50. Farah Azalea - tbd 

51. Luzius Wepse - Switzerland

Excited to have all of you on board. Still more to come, had a couple of emails this morning I need to reply to, so that may increase by the end of the day.

As I work this project however I do find a lot of resistance against twitter, and I have encountered more and more people who have a strange paranoia toward internet social networking sites. Makes me wonder who they think is watching them? Or do they really think they're that interesting or important that some secret government agency is storing this information? 

First of all, why? And secondly, who? Why would the government want to know any of the mundane day to day of our lives? And who is storing all this information? They'd need thousands of people working around the clock on some super-sized computer storage system... it just doesn't seem plausible to me - or maybe they want me to say that - maybe they've programmed me to think this way - maybe I'm one of them... 

Haha! They, them! Give me a break. You have to take all this stuff with a pinch of salt. The only thing worth worry about is the level of fear mongering orchestrated by news and tabloid media that has people thinking this way. We're just playing here, it's like passing notes in class, doodling on our copy book, twitter and facebooking is just a bit of fun, I really don't think there's anything to worry about... except maybe addiction - as some people have pointed out to me!

But in defense of the amount I twitter - I work on the computer, I'm usually writing, or storyboarding or emailing. I don't watch a lot of TV and I work from home. Twitter is just a side thing - I have a thought, I put it down, doesn't take that long and I enjoy doing it. I also find it useful and entertaining. If people don't care or are fed up with me clogging up their twitter page or facebook home page then stop following me, or click 'Hide' on your facebook - stop complaining, change the channel! 

Between the blogging, emailing, twitter and facebook updating I still manage to get all the work done I need to do, so I'm not worried about it. If it starts getting in the way I'll stop. 

Which is now - time to venture out see if I can find some sponsorship for this film! 2 and half weeks!!! Holy... But that's OK, I'm looking forward to it!

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