Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Rainy Day TV

The Nationwide team came down today, Producer Joan O'Sullivan and Cameraman Ken O'Connor, nice small team. They filmed from 10am until 3pm. In between they got plenty of footage and interviews with me, my brother Noel and my Mother.

Started off with some shots of me leaving the house, making my way to the Arts Centre. Then in the Arts Centre they interviewed me about the film, the origin of the film and the photos. 

From there Noel joined us and we visited my grandparents old house, the place my grandfather worked and then to a high vantage point behind the factory, looking down, where Noel was interviewed. 

From there the filmed a meeting shot outside the bookies that appears in the film and then on to my parents house and an interview with my mother about the film and her memories of her father. 

It was all very quick and easy going and enjoyable and no real hiccups, it rained some, but that didn't delay us much - Oh! There was the moment when one of my nosey neighbours came out of his house and ruined a shout by standing right in frame to ask who these people where?, why they were here? and what were they doing? Once his he filled his beak he trotted off and we got on with it! Classic!

Nationwide Presenters: Michael Ryan and Mary Kennedy

I know Noel and especially my mother were very nervous about the whole thing, so I appreciate them doing it, although they probably wont be doing it again anytime soon! But they came across well and both did very good interviews. I guess I'm used to doing interviews and talking to strangers in that way, or talking to crowds, but I never thought of the fact that they have no real experience of this! So sorry to them for putting them on the spot! But they were great!

I think it should cut together well and become a nice piece. They'll use segments from the film, images from the exhibition and images of my grandfather. With the interviews with Noel and my mother it should be a very intimate and personal family piece that I think will connect with viewers, much like the film did. 

No dates for broadcast yet, but I will keep you posted, hopefully soon. Joan informed me that they general created themed shows with several different features, so they just have to wait until it fits a theme I suppose, no idea how long that will be. Hopefully I'll be able to podcast the clip too. 

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