Saturday, March 14, 2009

Modern Times

Had and interview this week with The Sunday Times about 140. Went quite well, was fun to do. Photographer came down yesterday and had me lounging around my office in awkward positions while trying to emulated relaxed positions, bit odd, but fun nonetheless, will be interesting to see the end product.

I'm not sure when it's going out, not tomorrow anyway. But I'll post it when I know. It was fairly straight forward. We talked about the project, who are involve so far, how many more I hope to get, the themes and what the end film will be. Also about how the internet is changing how films can get made and how much more accessible filmmaking is these days.

We also talked a lot about twitter and whole point of it, which, it seems, is impossible to explain to anyone who doesn't get it, and more so to anyone who doesn't want to get it... luckily the interviewer was not one of those people - otherwise I think it would have been a bit redundant! 

Jan Battles was she, she coined a very funny word with regard to wives who had lost their husbands to twitter (mine included!) - Twidows! - I like it! I added that husbands would therefore be called Twidowers! I'm sure there's a few out there!!!

I will let everyone know when it's coming out and probably post a scan of the article. It's great for the project, it'll get word out about it and help us get new filmmakers on board and hopefully other media outlets will pick it up and we can keep the ball rolling to the magic 140.

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